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Manage Credit & Relationships

A SaaS application for financial intermediaries and treasuries to manage credit and intercompany liquidity flows.

Why Treasury

Still using Telegram and Spreadsheets?

Digital Asset Treasuries around the globe still use spreadsheets and work predominantly with manual tasks to manage their relationships with lenders and borrowers. 

CLST Treasury solves exactly this, an application to eliminate Excel Spreadsheets and Telegram/ Slack communications while having the entire crypto asset loan management from quotation towards settlement and reporting in one place.

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For what

Onboard Existing Counterparties

Seamlessly onboard your existing relationships through a master client data transfer. Create your private lending and borrowing desk for institutions and retails alike.

Communicate & Quote

As a communications and relationship management tool, CLST enables seamless communication and client aggregation across organizations.

Automate Settlements

Partnerships with leading custody and settlement providers allow for efficient integration of your existing infrastructure and seamless settlement flows.

Eliminate Spreadsheets

Transaction reporting modules allow to eliminate any kinds of spreadsheets and manual tasks within a treasury department.


Key Platform features

Transaction Reporting

  • APR Calculations
  • TX History
  • Email Confirmations
  • Trading Instruments

  • RFQ
  • Notice Account
  • Fixed Dates
  • Broken Dates
  • Client chat & group chat

    Multi-Wallet Connectivity

  • Fireblocks
  • Copper 
  • Web3
  • Master Client Data Transfer

    API Connectivity


    Electronic Promissory Notes

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