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The Global Liquidity

Get the best terms for short-term cryptocurrency debt, settled manually or automatically peer-to-peer.

Why Markets

Trade with institutions around the globe.

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Price discovery, price matching, settlement and transaction reporting; all from one source.

Platform features

Onboard and Start Trading

Uncollateralized & Collateralized

Higher capital efficiency and arbitrage opportunities through collateralized and uncollateralized debt transactions.

  • REPO
  • We are the first venue offering a tri-party REPO solution, stop exposing yourself to unnecessary risk as borrower and liabilities as a lender.

  • Unsecured
  • Find trusted parties to trade without collateral, benefit from detailed reporting and automated settlements.


    Aggregate client contacts and international trading desks for quick communication lines.

  • Chat and Group Chat
  • Chat with your peers, create client group chats to avoid security breaches and bad actors.

  • Email Notifications
  • Get from Email notifications to never miss an opportunity again.


    Excel spreadsheets are a systemic risk to your organization and generate massive extra work finance and accounting. Bundle information and export them.

  • Transaction Reporting
  • Transaction and settlement reports are automatically generated.

  • Negotiation History
  • Misunderstandings dont happen if you have a negotiation and communications history.

    Wallet & API Connectivity

    Integrate your own settlement infrastructure to never leave your

  • API
  • Connect venues via CLST API to post, accept, reject, counter or settle Quotes

    Verified Counterparties

    Trade with pre-verified counterparties in a safe environement

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    Institutional Clients for the new Market.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you are hesitating, do not worry – we are here to explain everything you might want to know. Let us help!

    Why should I join CLST Markets and what’s the difference between a lending desk?

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    Am I allowed to select my counterparties or does trading happen through CLST?

    What are the average transaction sizes and rates on CLST Markets?

    Whats the difference between CLST Markets and a DeFi protocol?

    Do I have to deposit funds on CLST Markets?

    Who is eligible to join CLST Markets and how much does it cost?

    How am I able to get access, can I get a demo of the venue?

    I dont want to lend assets directly but still generate yields, can CLST help?

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