CLST – CLST Markets – An Institutional-only platform for collateralised and uncollateralised lending and borrowing of digital assets.

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CLST closes an oversubscribed Seed Round led by Spartan Group and other Tier 1 Investors

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Institutional peer-to-peer lending for the digital asset era.

Your Institution’s destination for collateralized and uncollateralized lending of digital assets.
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What we do

CLST: The go-to institutional short-term debt network for digital assets

CLST removes the barriers to digital asset lending and borrowing by providing a safe, transparent and client-centric marketplace.

We envision a future where digital assets can flow freely, reliably and securely around the globe. We’re contributing to that future by building markets for the “New Money”.

Forging a digital asset liquidity network

We strive to enable digital asset liquidity within the global institutional market.

Investment Firms

Reduce trading and reporting inefficiencies and benefit from a multinational account structure, allowing institutions to operate multiple trading desks.

Corporate Treasuries

Put your assets to work and increase capital efficiency. CLST Markets lets you focus on your core business by reducing operational and administrative workload.

Trading Firms

Borrow digital assets from a global pool of lenders. Reduce time to capital and increase capital efficiency through a single venue.


Connect through API and source liquidity to counterparties to automate treasury workflows. Whitelist counterparties and measure exposure.

Prime Brokers

Speed up your trading & financing desk, get rid of Telegram channels, manual price discovery and reporting and analyze your portfolio and risk.

Banks & Product Issuers

Upgrade your systems as fiduciary lender, access a global pool of borrowers and connect to a pool of new investors.


CLST Markets: Lending Marketplace for digital assets

CLST Markets is an institutional, peer-to-peer lending and borrowing marketplace for digital assets where financial institutions can borrow or lend digital assets with flexible terms.



As a lender, make the most of your liquidity through automated RFQs – as a borrower, access best terms and rates.

Loan Lifecycle Management

Centralize and streamline the lifecycle management of your lending and borrowing positions.

Counterparty Origination

Tap into and assess a global network of lenders and borrowers.


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